About us

 SIA "Naftimpeks" oil product terminal started operating in 2006 and its activity profile is the acceptance, temporary storage and further transshipment of light petroleum products (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, solvent oil). During the construction and development of the terminal, the most advanced and safe technologies were used.

The terminal's technological scheme intends the acceptance of oil products in shore tanks from railway tank cars and further transshipment to ships, as well as the reverse operation of the vessel – shore tanks - railway tank cars. Since its inception, the terminal is in continuous operation.

The company is located on a territory of 84672 m2. At present, in the terminal "Naftimpeks" Ltd., 10 surface vertical steel shore tanks, equipped with stationary external dome roofs and floating pontoons, operate as the main equipment. The total capacity of the shore tank park is 195 100 m3. The tanks are equipped with SAAB Tank Radar measuring devices that determine the level of products in the reservoirs.

For railway tank car discharging - a double-sided railway rack has been made for simultaneous servicing of 34 rail tank cars.

Reception and servicing of tanker vessels are carried out at the berth ZO-18, which is a pale type berth, and is specially designed for transshipment of liquid petroleum products. Tankers with a maximum load capacity of 120,000 t, a maximum draft of up to 15 meters and a maximum length of 250 meters can be serviced at berth ZO-18.